Rebranding Upcycle Products

The Media Design Master of Fine Arts program at Full Sail University began with researching potential “clients” and then implementing strategic planning via exhaustive research. The Green Living 2.0 rebranding campaign of Upcycle Products Inc. maximizes the actualization of opportunities found within multi-channel marketing by employing a cohesive and comprehensive multi-platform media campaign to achieve both the clients desires and end users demands.

The primary goal of the Green Living 2.0 campaign endeavors to compel the apathetic intentions of the mainstream consumer into enthusiastic active participants. By enlarging the scope of accessibility to Upcycle’s products through a new marketing approach, which includes an improved brand identity, e-commerce enabled website, a prolific social media presence by means of a blog, DIY projects and online workshops, the campaign will close the gap between the idea of green living being perceived as a niche belief into normal behavior.

Project Book >

An 80 page digital project book and brand style guide presenting the research findings, brand development, brand guidelines and design solutions for Upcycle Products rebranding campaign, Green Living 2.0.

Brand Research

Establishing a clearer understanding of Upcycle Products, green living and their place within the industry of sustainability began with research. Sources found on Ebsco Host, Google scholar, various case studies, newspapers and industry publications were referenced. The most influential for the rebranding of Upcycle Products was found in an extensive study conducted by Ogilvy & Mather. Providing both qualitative and quantitative data as well as information on the current pitfalls of marketing in the green industry

along with the problems that exist in successfully being heard within the mainstream consumer marketplace, I found the bedrock from which to start constructing the foundation of my rebranding campaign.

Coupling a SWOT analysis of the brand, along with developing a solid creative brief and campaign brief the apparent truth of how to synthesize marketing mediums for the rebranding of Upcycle Products began to clarify itself.

Brand Development

Surveying the direct competition of Upcycle Products, mindful of the goals and objectives presented in the creative brief for the rebranding campaign, while also considering what the very action of upcycling is played a major part in fashioning a distinctive brand aesthetic.

Textures, images, typography, personas and brand target audience were all collectively factored into every design iteration and decision implemented for every marketing medium developed for the Green Living 2.0 rebranding campaign.

Brand Solutions

Developing the various campaign touch points began with sketching, wireframing as well as storyboards. Careful adherence to consistently extending the design decisions to each touch point ensured that every solution developed reaffirmed the Upcycle brand values, the merits of green living and it’s worthiness as an honorable everyday practice for contemporary lifestyles.

From magazine ad to billboard, website to smart phone app, vehicle graphic to promotional gear, the rebranding of Upcycle Products was steered and guided by a consistent three step process, strategic planning, conceptual iterating and creative execution. All of which was rooted in research and the compiled findings to guide design strategy into design solution.