Yvonne Hodges is an artist and designer, known for her resonate laugh and perpetual creative cross training.

I call myself a designer as it encompasses the diversity of work I do: branding, illustration, lettering, print design and web design. Although I spend a great deal of time employing my skills as a designer, exercising and exploring other artistic disciplines enhances my design skills too. So, when Iā€™m not manipulating bezier handles in Illustrator or pushing pixels around Photoshop, I tend to try my hand at other artistic mediums such as acting for the stage, painting, along with crafts like book binding, embroidering and jewelry design.

My list of skills and interests may be wide ranging, yet design and all of its connected parts, remains the underlying thread that shuttles to and fro through the loom of my creative pursuits. Synthesizing the knowledge and skills garnered from my creative cross training tends to inform my design solutions in surprising ways.

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I am currently available for design work inquiries or a chat over coffee. Contact me and we'll collaborate on something amazing.
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